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Country Drone Laws

Over 170 countries explained

Drone Laws World Map

  • Green = you should be sweet to fly your drone.

  • Yellow = you will need some kind of paperwork or registration/permission to take off.

  • Red = drone flying is forbidden or made so hard that it will be hard to take off legally here.

Following drone rules can be a hard thing to do, especially if you are continuously travelling. We are a community of travellers from all around the world & created the first truly global and up to date Drone Laws World Map(s)!

Our difference is our community. We don't just copy/paste the law, we tell you how to apply, what happens at the airport and so much more... Over time, we've identified two categories of drone laws which are standard enough for all to easily refer to:

  • Recreational drone laws 

  • Commercial drone laws


Up to date drone laws; to keep on top we rely on:

  • Our community, 4,000+ pilots from 125 countries.

  • Google alerts, we've set up an alert per country.

  • The Forum, where all updates are shared.

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