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The Ultimate Guide to Senegal's (Dakar) Drone Laws & Rules

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

🖐 In this blog post we’ll share all law links & known rules about recreational & commercial drone use in Senegal (Dakar). Give a 👍 at the end of this post if you enjoyed it & feel free to ask any questions or share your experience in The Forum. Keep in mind that the content below is updated to the best of our ability & does not replace official sources & your own research.

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Recreational vs commercial drone use in Senegal

Senegal differentiates commercial & recreational drone use. Both uses are subject to restrictions & a strict code of conduct. Additionally, depending on the weight of your drone, different rules will apply.

✅ In Senegal, drone regulation falls under the National Agency of Civil Aviation (ANAC) & they can be contacted anytime via;

  • Email:

  • Phone: (+221) 33 865 60 00

✅ The country differentiates three drone weight classes:

  • less than 5 kg

  • between 5 kg & 25 kg

  • above 25 kg

Can I bring my drone to Senegal?

✅ Currently, there doesn't seem to be any restrictions on bringing drones within Senegal (Dakar) as long as your import is considered as legitimate (generally one drone per person).

🚨 Be aware of the airline you purchase to travel as some main ones will only accept your drone on-board if its batteries are detached & placed in a firecase during travel time. Most airlines will have a battery voltage limit based on the recommendation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You can find more info about a specific airline here.

Where can I fly my drone in Senegal?

✅ We did not find an official fly zone map for drones in Senegal "If you have more information about this, please share it in the Forum". Thankfully in the meantime, has listed all flight zones in a convenient way organised in a 3 color legend.

Senegal Drone Fly Map


🚨 Do not fly near the country's borders or undertake an international flight with your drone; aka take off/land from a different territory than Senegal during one flight.

💡 Spare drone batteries are a must when travelling overseas, they give you more autonomy to fly and take pictures during your trips.

Recreational Drone use in Senegal

✅ Before anything you need to be at least 18 years young to fly or buy a drone in Senegal. If you're even younger, you will need an adult (owner of the drone) near you.

🚨 In Senegal, you must register your drone prior taking off. Unfortunately the test doesn't explain how to do such & we haven't found further information. If you do or happen to know, please share in The Forum so we can update in turn.

🚨 Additionally you must ask for an authorisation prior each flight. Note if you fly under categories 1 or 2 (recreational &/or private), the authorisations should be automatic.

In every category case, you will need to:

  • operate your UAV in the country's aerodrome clubs only (an audit of these is currently in process by relevant authorities).

  • fly at a maximum of 91 m altitude, during daytime & always in sight.

  • fly away from individuals, private property & respect privacy rights.

  • check ahead the good functioning of your UAV & its accessories if any.

  • subscribe to an insurance covering all risks.

  • fly from a fix point, aka not from a moving car for example.

  • fly a drone equipped with obstacle detection & avoidance only, such as Mavic Pro 2

  • fly at least 10 km away from airports. You must also give priority to all other categories of aircraft & if you see n aircraft during your flight, land immediately.

🚨 If any accident involving anyone/thing else than yourself, you should notify the closest authority representation building within 72 hours.

How to ask for an authorisation to fly my drone in Senegal?

✅ The process is still uncertain to us, but we understand you will need to provide this information to be successful.

  • your full contact information (or all the ilots intending to fly when relevant).

  • your police record (3 months)

  • the full specs of your UAV

  • a copy of any license/training you might have

  • a description of the flight you intend to take & why

  • the operations manual of your drone

  • a copy of your insurance covering all operating risks

💡 Note all of these documents need to be sent in French or a French official translation, we personally use & trust Traducteurs Assermentés for sworn translations.

🚁 If you are considering getting your first drone or upgrade, feel free to check the Drone Gear content we've put together or click on the model you like below to get its full specs. Any purchase done from one of our affiliate links helps Dronemade stay free and available to all.

Commercial Drone use in Senegal

✅ Additionally to the recreational use & conditions, any pilot wishing to fly a drone for commercial use in Senegal should have a license to operate & ask for a 'PER' (Operator's permit). To be eligible you will need to:

  • have an address in Senegal & being registered to Senegal's chamber of trade or the real estate credit centre.

  • comply with all registration & safety measures to operate a unmanned aerial vehicle.

  • have a license &/or experience you can prove.

  • have an authorisation from the Ministry of Safety & internal matters (if camera only).

  • a emergency process based on the specific operation(s) undertaken.

🚨 You will need to choose a visual observer other than the pilot itself for any commercial operations; there are a lot of of requirements to be eligible so you might wanna look for one already onsite to make things go faster.

✅ Any permit delivered will be valid for 12 months from date of issue.

  • If you wish to renew it, contact relevant authorities at least 1 month ahead.

  • If non renewed within 6 months after expiration, you're good for a new round.

🕔 Note that authorities specify that any request should be sent in French & at least 3 months prior intended operations to start.

💡 A virtual headset is the best way to immerse yourself and they are now affordable...

How to obtain my drone license for commercial use in Senegal ?

🚨 Any drone activity involving a drone heavier than 25 kg will require you to have a license to operate, no matter if for commercial or recreational use.

To be eligible, you will need to:

  • be at least 18 years young

  • have a medical certificate of class 3

  • have strong English & French levels (class 4)

  • pass a theoretical exam "RAS 01 – Licence du Personnel"

🚨 Unfortunately, little information about the process itself is available to us.. If you do or happen to know, please share in The Forum so we can update the community in turn.

🕔 Your pilot's license will be valid for 2 years from date of emission

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Once you got everything in order, you can start flying above Senegal's awesome landscapes and create videos like this one:

Drone Rules World Map

✅ Please leave a comment or update the Forum when you receive news and/or gain experience with your drone in Senegal! Have fun and safe flight!


Disclaimer: Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information researched, we take no responsibility for any loss, harm or damage caused as a direct or indirect consequence of relying on this information. It is your responsibility to seek advice from qualified local & relevant authorities for needed information about local drone rules and regulations.

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