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We've often been asked what drone is best, and the answer is none. This entirely depends on where you are and what you want to do with your drone. Just like you would choose a bike based on the activity you want to do with it or your budget, drones come in a formidable range and we've tried to screen some of the best ones out there; to help you choose, ask yourself these questions:

🌍 Where can I fly a drone in my country?

We've studied 170 countries, making it the largest drone drone rules database in the world!

🛫 Am I likely to travel with my drone?

Not all airlines/airports accept drone batteries on-board, check general good practice or your airline's policy.

🤔 What do I want to do with my drone?

We've listed several commercial drone uses and discuss about how this technology is set to change our world.



Drones are becoming more affordable by the day. However a good drone is a drone that answers immediately your remote's commands and can fly steady when on hovering mode. If your drone cannot do these basics, then you might as well just pick a bottle of truffle oil and throw it on the floor, you will end up with the same outcome, wasted money.

💲 Can you make money with my drone?

Answer is Yes, but you will usually need a license, you can also sell your aerial pictures via Dronemade.

😲 Have you considered insurance costs?

Drone insurers will have several options and you might want to look at them prior buying your drone.

😎 Drone accessories

Not a need, you will find out quickly that spare batteries and lens filters are a must...

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