All about DJI's Cinematic intelligent drone flight mode

In this new series of posts, we will be looking into DJI's intelligent flight modes to learn why they its exist and how or when to use them. This article contains some affiliate links which helps Dronemade keep free and power ever more drone resources to you.

Cinematic mode is an underdog mode that desire a little more credit. Have you ever tried to record while slowing down your drone's speed? It can be challenging to keep the same pace along and create this smooth slowing video, that's when DJI's cinematic mode comes into action.


What is Cinematic mode by DJI?

How does it work?

What are the options?

How to use them?

Be mindful

Which drones feature it?

DJI Cinematic mode in action

What is DJI Cinematic mode?

In Cinematic mode, the aircraft’s braking distance is extended and its rotation speed is reduced. The aircraft slows down gently until it stops, keeping footage smooth and stable even if control inputs are choppy. This flight mode t became a staple of the DJI App and equipped most drone model released since - find out which ones

How does DJI Cinematic mode work?

To work properly, you will need to enable your drone's P-mode (Positioning mode) which is your standard/default flight mode. In this mode, all the sensors on your drone are active, GPS and any available vision or infrared sensors. This results in precise hovering of your drone, even if you stop controlling it with your remote controller. The Cinematic intelligent flight mode requires a strong GPS signal which is only available under this P-mode.

DJI P Mode Main Controller Settings

Once you’re in the Cinematic mode, you're done and ready to fly smoothly. There aren't any options or other manipulations to do.

DJI App Cinematic Mode Menu

How to use DJI Cinematic mode?

We've been using this mode quite a bit for our recent aerial movies. We find this mode specially useful when filming landscapes or fauna such a flock of birds.

🌊 When filming over water, this is a little easier although make sure you allow enough battery time for a safe landing. 💡 Smart! Water glare is a killer when flying above coastal waters, make sure you have a lens filter.

What to be aware of when using DJI Cinematic mode?

Aircraft Speed

Remember, Cinematic only works in P-mode, which is considerably slower than Sport mode. For example, the Mavic Pro can reach 40 mph in S mode but is limited to 22 mph in P-mode. Make sure that the subject you want to keep up with is moving within the drone’s P-mode speed.


As you're setting your drone to fly in a smoother way, ensure yourself that you are in the right direction before entering this mode. As the commands of the drone will be slowed down, it will take longer for you to rotate or reach your filming subject for e.g.


While filming in Active Track mode, your drone will use its sensors to estimate its surroundings. Note that some models only have front sensors whilst others will feature side and below sensors to help the drone avoid obstacles. In every case, try to fly in a clear area at all times.

Which drones have DJI Cinematic mode?

The following drones all feature DJI's cinematic intelligent flight mode:

We hope this little intro helped you understand a more about this intelligent flight mode. If you want to learn more, check out all our tutorials and become an expert. If you're considering buying your first drone or upgrading your current one online, then feel free to click on our Affiliate links below before you do so. We will get a small commission and will be able to keep on powering more free content to you.

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