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"Simply Beautiful"

Laos is truly an underrated travel destination. Surrounded by Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Thailand, it is the only South East Asian country without sea access. 

The country is clearly an adventurers' destination, minus a few luxurious pockets such as Luang Prabang. On the path of the now famous banana pancake trail, there are few hot spots not to be missed.

On a first approach, Laos might not seem as exciting as Thailand or Vietnam but you will find real authenticity here. As if everything was to be done, Laos is currently undertaking big changes thanks to neighbouring China investing billions in infrastructure including a bullet train and several dams for electricity.

Let's Go Post It

Underrated Destinations

Bike in Laos wheat field

Itineraries Suggestions

💡 Our suggested itineraries are most of the part off the beaten track implying will not find your fresh Starbucks' ☕ nearby but rather enjoy the sugarcane press of the local store.


10D Vientiane - Vang Vieng - Luang Prabang - Nong Khiaw - Muang Ngoy - Muang Khua (either way works)

The ultimate North Laos journey combining adventure, shopping and resting. You will need a bit of patience to complete this one as not everything will work as you initially timed it. If you are truly willing to go of the beaten path without missing the hot spots, then you will have a blast. The good thing about this trip is that you can miss a destination and jump to the next straight away.

Road Trip Suggestions
Young man flying a drone seen from above

Drones & Laos

Locals call it "flycam". Laos requires you to have a permit to fly a drone heavier than 200g. In practice, the process doesn't work and many pilots do not bother obtaining the required paper work.

Good news is once you have your permit, there aren't many restrictions other than common sense staying away from planes and people. If flying with Air Asia, they should allow your drone in the cabin as long as the detachable batteries do not exceed 160W which should be stored in a fireproof bag - Flying with another airline?

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