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"Timeless Charm"

Vietnam is a fascinating country from North to South with a wide variety of landscapes, great food and people. Topped with an agile transportation system and a cheap economy for foreigners, making it an ideal destination for your next travel experience.

There are options for everyone from budget to luxury travellers but the country is becoming really famous and you will need to work a little harder to experience the true remote feeling you might be seeking for.

In our underrated destinations' guides we will share our tips and experience from where, when to how and with who to travel. Bear in mind that our travel experience leads us away from touristic places which you will find content about easily on other sites.

Underrated Destinations


Itineraries Suggestions

💡 Our suggested itineraries are most of the part off the beaten track implying will not find your fresh Starbucks' ☕ nearby but rather enjoy the sugarcane press of the local store.


7D Hanoi - Mai Chau - Pu Luong - Ninh Binh (North Vietnam)

A rewarding road trip in the heart of Vietnam across rice fields and fabulous mountains spikes surrounded by rivers. Being able to ride a bike is a bonus for Pu Luong but not a must (just add one day if taking the bus).

7D Hanoi - Ba Be Lake - Ha Giang Loop (North Vietnam)

Immerse yourself in some of Vietnam's most stunning landscapes. Ba Be Lake, home to Puong Cave is hard to reach so you are sure to relax. Ha Giang Loop is getting more famous / year so get on your bike before it becomes a second Sapa (don't go there btw).

10D Ho Chi Minh - Con Dao Island - Can Tho - Phu Quoc (South Vietnam) 

Get to learn what happen in the darkest times of the Vietnam War, enjoy an early floating market with a cup of freshly locally brewed coffee. Finishing by Phu Quoc the tumultuous, choose to party hard or go relax on the other side of the island.

7D Ho Chi Minh - Can Tho - Phu Quoc (South Vietnam)

An all city tour bussing life and party with a little break in between. A little more ecological than our other suggested itineraries, you won't need to ride a bike and it only involves two flights compared to 4 for the 10D Saigon loop

Road Trip Suggestions

Drones & Vietnam

Locals call it "flycam". Vietnam requires you to have a permit to fly your drone. You can obtain it yourself or ask an agency to help you. In both cases you need to submit a flight licence application dossier.

Good news is once you have your permit, there aren't many restrictions other than common sense staying away from planes and people. If flying with Vietnam Airlines, they will allow your drone in cabin as long as the detachable batteries do not exceed 160W which should be stored in a fireproof bag - Flying with another airline?

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Lightweight . Foldable . Solid . 30 min Flights


"We've personally used the Mavic Pro when travelling to Vietnam simply because this model offers a quick set up with a long flight time. We also appreciate how it fits in the bag."


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