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Drones in Uganda

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Katamba’s passion for tech is paying off

Many youths are making a career choice in technology. But Ronald Katamba is a standout techprenuer bringing innovative analytics solutions to agriculture.

The founder of Afrosoft is developing diagnostic software based on emerging technologies to detect diseases in plants and livestock — making it faster, cheaper and robust. He is aggressively working to demonstrate how technology brings many possibilities.

It was an unlikely start for Katamba. In 2011, Katamba quit his job at Techno Brain where he says he was decently paid. The graduate student of Information Technology at Makerere University, had participated in the Imagine Cup, a student developer competition.

It was here that he focused on building his own startup, Afrosoft IT Solutions, which is housed at Teacher’s House along Bombo Road in Kampala. Having been inspired by Microsoft, he replaced Micro- to create Afro-soft.

He rents two rooms which he uses to hone skills of youths in entrepreneurial and IT skills. He says, the inner room used to act as his office and bedroom.

The award-winning software developer has developed analytics-driven solutions for agriculture and health. His work has been used to help create useful technologies in agriculture.



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