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Drones in Japan

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Japanese Man Accused of Flying Drone in Banned Area

Japanese police accused a man Tuesday of flying a drone in an area near the Maritime Self-Defense Force's district headquarters in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, western Japan, in violation of the drone regulation law.

The 50-year-old man became the first person to be accused of violating the law, which bans drone flights over designated areas to fight terrorism. Hiroshima prefectural police sent his case to prosecutors.

The guy is suspected of flying a 150-gram drone in an area around the Kure headquarters, where drone flights are prohibited under the law, at around 4:35 p.m. on Sept. 21 (7:35 a.m. GMT).

The man has told police investigators that he was aware about the drone no-fly zone and that he wanted to practice flying a drone, sources familiar with the investigation said.

The Kure headquarters was designated as a drone no-fly zone in June under the law.


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