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Drones in Japan

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Japan to establish drone licenses for flights out of pilot’s sight

Japan plans to establish a licensing system for operating drones when the flights are beyond the operator’s line of sight, government sources said Monday.

The proposal comes as the government hopes for increased usage of unmanned vehicles for purposes such as delivering daily necessities and medicine, or assisting security patrols in areas with an aging population, the sources said.

The license, which the government hopes will be introduced in fiscal 2022, will be age-restricted, and will require operators to pass both a written and practical examination.

The licenses will be only valid for a certain period of time and will have to be renewed. Illegal drone use will lead to the cancellation or suspension of a license.

A public-private panel discussing how to facilitate the use of drones will propose the license system in a report to be complied…

Over 100 people held for unauthorised drone flights in Japan in 2019

Japanese police arrested or took other action against 115 people for civil aviation law violations linked to unauthorised drone flights in 2019, up 31 from the previous year, government data showed Thursday. The National Police Agency tally included 51 foreign nationals, of whom 19, the largest group, were Chinese. Seven were from the United States. Last year, the number of cases that led to police actions stood at 111. Of them, 54 cases happened as offenders tried to take commemorative pictures, while 34 cases were flight operation exercises, according to the NPA data.

The data suggests that restrictions on drone flights in Japan are not widely known to foreign tourists.

To address the problem, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has created posters in English saying that flying drones without permission is prohibited in principle across most of the capital. The…

Japan Is Flying Drones Underground for Metro Tunnel Inspection

Japan is flying drones beneath the ground to inspect far-fetched metro tunnels. A recent report states that Tokyo Metro Co. carried out a demonstration last week with drones inspecting subway tunnels. The metro company began the usage of drones to monitor subway tunnels back on February 6. The main aim of the company is to enhance the safety and security of the metro lines.

The company is currently using drones for detailed inspection of the upper parts of the metro tunnels and vents. These parts of the metro lines are challenging for employees to reach and inspect. The metro workers generally inspect these parts with the help of elevated structures or vehicles with electronic ladders. However, using drones is a much better idea as the live feed from the drones give a much more detailed view of the tunnel walls and…

Drone detectors to counter terror threats at Olympics

The Metropolitan Police Department is planning to deploy drone-detecting devices at all Tokyo venues for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to prevent terrorism and other acts of sabotage. There are a total of 24 Olympic venues in Tokyo, with the new National Stadium in Shinjuku Ward serving as the main arena.

Operating drones in and around the venues is prohibited by law.

During the Games, about 10 million people from Japan and abroad are expected to visit Tokyo. The effort addresses concerns about drones carrying hazardous materials and posing other threats.

Drone-detecting devices are capable of receiving signals emitted by drones, which provide their location, altitude and other flight information. The detectors cover more than 1,000 yards around a venue.

Some of these devices have already been implemented during security operations in Tokyo, and have already aided police in detecting illegal…


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