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The Ultimate Guide to Egypt (Alexandria & Cairo) Drone Laws & Rules

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

🖐 In this blog post we’ll share all drone law links & known regulation around recreational & commercial drone use in Egypt (Alexandria & Cairo). Give a 👍 at the end of this post if you enjoyed it & feel free to ask any questions or share your experience in the Egypt Drone Discussion Group . Keep in mind that the content below is updated to the best of our ability & does not replace official sources & your own research.

Egypt Drone Laws & rules

Recreational vs commercial drone use in Egypt

Egypt does not seem to differentiate commercial & recreational drone uses. Local rules are really strict, if not to say impossible & you will need to ask for a permission to fly your drone in Egypt.

Drone law Egypt

🚨 For the moment, drone use is under the responsibility of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority & they can be contacted via:

  • Email:

  • Phone: (+20) 2 226 776 10

🚨 Despite the reference to a "permission" option in the law, we did not find and are not aware of any one obtaining this occasional permission to fly in Egyptian skies.

✅ We're however aware of IFlyEgypt (Subsidiary of Egyptian Media) that has a permanent permission to fly 3 type of drones from which you can rent for about 400€ / day! 🤑

Can I travel with my drone to Egypt?

🚨 Drones are not welcome in Egypt without prior permission. The Egyptian international airports (Cairo & Alexandria mainly) are infamous for their bag checks & it seems hard to go through without being asked to open them so you better declare it. Be aware upon return that there is a very little chance that your drone passes again the on boarding x-rays. In both scenarios your drone gets found:

  • upon arrival, it will be confiscated and stored in your arrival airport, if you want to retrieve it you should be able to do such by departing from the same airport. Note that we received members' feedback mentioning not receiving any receipts or reports and effectively loosing their drone.. 😰

  • upon departure (from Egypt), it will be ceased & you might face heavier sanctions as you imported illegally a drone in the county.

🚨 "We've read over forums that Cairo airport can ask you to pack your drone (without its batteries) into your checked luggage only." This is not confirmed but you might want to contact the aiport authorities +(202) 22655000

Drone Travel Gear

🚨 Be aware of the airline you purchase to travel as some main ones will only accept your drone on-board if its batteries are detached & placed in a firecase during travel time. Most airlines will have a battery voltage limit based on the recommendation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You can find more info about a specific airline here.

💡 Smart! Get your drone batteries' firecase today and make sure you're complying with aviation safety rules.

How to retrieve my drone at Egyptian airport customs?

  1. First things first, you should declare it upon arrival to avoid complications if found upon your departure time.

  2. You will need to return from the same airport as they've essentially stored your drone upon your return.

  3. A couple of days prior the end of your holiday, you might want to call the airport customs to inform them of your return time so they have your drone ready for you.

  4. On your return day, allow extra time in case they "forgot" your call.

Where can I fly my drone in Egypt?

🚨 Do not fly your drone if you do not have a permit.

What do I risk for flying a drone illegally in Egypt?

The amount & scope of the fine will depend on the nature & severity of your infraction. The judges will also evaluate if you intentionally committed the infraction and/or if you had any commercial purposes to do such. With this in mind, you risk one or a combination of:

  • a fine

  • jail time

  • your drone cease

✅ The excellent news is that once you're there & if you got the permissions, you can start flying above Egypt's awesome landscapes & create videos like this one:

Drone Rules Worldwide Map; country by country

✅ Please leave a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your drone in Egypt! #egypt #egyptian #regulation #rule #rules #law #laws #legislation #illegal

💡 You're a local, have a question or want to share a travel experience? Head to the Egypt Drone Discussion Group

Egypt Drone Forum

Disclaimer: Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information researched, we take no responsibility for any loss, harm or damage caused as a direct or indirect consequence of relying on this information. It is your responsibility to seek advice from qualified local & relevant authorities for needed information about local drone rules and regulations.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links meaning we will get a commission if you decide to purchase via them. This has no costs for you but helps Dronemade stay free for all. If you need to buy anything on Amazon or DJI stores, think of us.



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