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Drones in Trinidad and Tobago

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TTPS to deploy drones during Carnival, no fly zones designated

The Police Service (TTPS) has issued a statement noting that the Civil Aviation Authority has designated specific no-fly zones as per Regulation 19 of the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority Regulations for general drone operators.

The areas include Port of Spain, Chaguaramas, Caroni, Point-a-Pierre, Point Lisas, Point Fortin and Galeota.

Additionally, drones are not to be operated within five kilometres of any manned aircraft operation including the boundary of any airport or within two kilometres of any helipad at an altitude of over 400 feet over any crowded area or over any public event.

Meanwhile, the Police Service (TTPS) will be deploying law enforcement drones throughout the country with a significant saturation over Port of Spain and environs to assist with safety and security for the Carnival period.

“Members of the TTPS Air Support Unit will be paying special attention to errant use of drones and all necessary steps will be taken to safeguard the public, especially where drones create a hazard with respect to public safety or to any aircraft (including law enforcement drones),” the TTPS release said.

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