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Drones in the United Kingdom (UK)

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New transport tech is set to be tested in the “biggest shake-up laws in a generation,” as described by the government.

It heavily focuses on a £90m trial which included medical drone deliveries. A national review will consider how the UK can make small changes to everyday travel decisions.

Alongside the review, the £90 million funding boost will lead to trials of new transport innovation in 3 new ‘future transport zones’.

The zones will provide real-world testing for experts, allowing them to work with a range of local bodies such as councils, hospitals, airports and universities to test innovative ways to transport people and goods.

The 3 new zones set to receive a share of the funding are in Portsmouth and Southampton, the West of England Combined Authority, and Derby and Nottingham – they will all join the existing West Midlands future of transport zone.

One of the projects tested will see drones carrying medical supplies from clinics on the Isle of Wight to hospitals on the mainland.

This will help speed up diagnoses by cutting out time spent journeying on ferries and roads.

Once trials are complete, the drones could eventually be used to transport chemotherapy kits to save time and potentially lives.

Commenting, transport secretary Grant Shapps, said: “We are on the cusp of a transport revolution. Emerging technologies are ripping up the rulebook and changing the way people and goods move forever.”

Adding: “Our groundbreaking future of transport programme marks the biggest review of transport laws in a generation and will pave the way for exciting new transport technology to be tested, cementing the UK’s position as a world-leading innovator.”


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