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Drones in Myanmar (Burma)

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Drones plant 40,000 trees a day in Myanmar!

You're read us well, drones can also plant trees! In Myanmar, drones have been used to plant trees and after a year experimenting, first results can now be observed. The seeds are now little trees of 20-inch height growing peacefully in the Asian mangrove. With a drone capable to plant 40,000 tree seeds per day, it doesn't take long to observe a visible effect on the Burmese forest landscape.

Myanmar has an ambitious plan to plant 1 billion trees to restore its mangrove area, regenerate wildlife sanctuaries and protects its shores from rising water levels. By the end of 2019, it is expected to have completed a first half a million drone tree plantings. This is made possible thanks to the incredible dedication and technology of BioCarboEngineering, a small tech start up fighting climate change at drone speed!



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