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Drones in Kazakhstan

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I did not quite understand if i need to (and how) to register my drone in Kazakhstan in order to fly in Public Zones.

I own a MA2 which is less then 1.5 kg and in the texts/forums i reached it says that drones above 1.5 kg weight requires registration (how also i did not understand) and no clear instructions for drones less then 1.5 kg.

Anyone sorted this ?

Thanks in advance

Jan 13, 2021

Hi @Baris OZTAN thanks for asking. According to our findings, you will not need to register your drone as it weights less than 1.5kg This said, you will still need to:

  • fly away from clouds (at least 1.5 km away horizontally and/or 300 m below).

  • fly at a maximum altitude of 50 m

  • fly 5.5 km away from airports, heliports & give priority to all other categories of aircraft. If you see an aircraft during your flight, land immediately.

  • fly away from, vehicles in movement, large crowds (150 m), people (100 m or 50 m during take off/landing) & respect individuals' privacy.

  • do not carry any animals or people with your drone or drop any object without a special drone parachute to limit the speed of fall.

  • ask before flying any governmental, religious or military sites.

We're looking forward seeing your pics from this beautiful country !!



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