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Drones in Australia

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QLD - Graziers urge drone law changes to ease the cost of drought

Outback Queensland graziers want strict drone regulations eased so they can use new technology to save money during the ongoing drought.

Outback Queensland graziers want strict drone regulations eased to save money on aerial surveillance. CASA says the legislation is being developed to safely integrate drones into primary industries. A Senate inquiry will focus on the impact of CASA's regulations on the aviation industry

Fixed wing aircraft and helicopters are often used on large stations for water management, stock movement, and pest control — but the costs can add up. Landowners, who want to add cheaper, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to their toolkits, say the current safety regulations requiring drones stay in line-of-sight are too restrictive.

Remote Queensland graziers are working with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to loosen that regulation.

More info about drone rules in Queensland.


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