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Drones in Australia

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Hello! I'm travelling to Perth in August, and we plan to drive all the way along the northern coast to Brisbane in roughly three months. I have a European registered DJI Mini 3 Pro which I would like to bring along, but the regulations are not entirely clear to me. I have found the Queensland and West Australia are quite lenient in letting these small drones fly in national parks (with some restrictions clearly), but the Northern Territory seems somewhat restrictive. It is my understanding that I need to obtain a permit for national park in NT, but it isn't clear what parks are included, and which not. Could anyone point me to some useful information and things I need to take into account to fly my drone in this beautiful country? Thanks!

Yvo E
May 02, 2023

Thank you @Steve Hardy and @Dronemade for your helpful suggestions. I will download the Open Sky app (I can't find the app in the Dutch app store, but I can access the web interface) and search through your links. Thanks so much!



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