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Drones in Australia

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Just had a couple of questions about recently completing my Remote Pilots License, so I thought I would post this.... I did my course with Global Drone Solutions, who are Perth based but are all over the country in their training. I did my RePL (Remote Pilot's License) and AROC (Australian Radio Operators Certificate) course via the online and workshop modes ie you have online work to do, comprising manual and e-tutorials for 11 modules, then a two day in person workshop, exams and practical assessments. The online modules take about an hour or so to do each depending how much you want to explore in further detail. For example you may find yourself wanting to do more work yourself on the navigation section just to get your proficiency up. They recommend that you have at least 3 hours flight experience before hand but not mandatory. They also supply drones for training purposes. I think we flew about 4-5 hours over the weekend. The assessments are very practically orientated around standard flight manuveours and the two exams are multichoice exams which are done at the workshop as well. I'd recommend it, they were very good and learnt quiet a bit and probably more about what I can't do and what to do to do it legally. Course is $1690. Let them know I sent you so they can look after you. Also note that I think that the CASA rules are changing in September, requiring all drones above 250gms to be registered and apparently if you dont have your RePL they will be range limited significantly. Happy to answer any questions.



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