Mar 11

Heading to Australia!


I decided to move back to Sydney, Australia in the beginning of April this year. Looking forward to meet any droners out there by then! One of my first priorities will be to get out there and shoot some amazing wildlife shots of this amazing country.


I used to work and live in Australia a few years ago, so its more like a coming back home for me. If you're around, come and say hi anytime!

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  • Traveling is my passion as I always like to see the dazzling and beautiful places in the world to have a fun time. I have made a resolution to see all the prominent places of USA. It is a region of 50 states which has many panoramic places to watch out. It is the land of waterfalls, valleys, deserts, canyons, Parks, Theme parks, beaches, Lakes, Village and Urban areas. I have explored many of its places and still discovering for more and more to get an ultimate travel time.
  • I'm posting on the behalf of @thomas_blanchard who shared with me this awesome travel hack last day! He is lucky to have a family member working in the hearing help industry & seems that Oticon hearing aids' box is a perfect custom fix for the Mavic Air 's gear. 🤘 I was trying to find a link to get these online but they don't seem available today.. A business idea in the making anyone? Have anyone have similar travel hacks ? 👊 You can fit on one side the 2 extra batteries (keep your third one on your drone) & your remote. On the other side, fit your memory cards & other cables for a complete set read to take off in no time.. In case you were curious for other hacks.. I looked into drone travel backpacks & shared some points to consider before buying one here. #backpack #travel #hack #case #hardcase #travelling
  • Hey, just stumbled on an article about Naka town (50,000+ inhabitants) on Japan's West-Coast, a short 2 hours drive from Tokyo. According to the town's officials; "You can fly drones here in unlimited ways without worrying that they will hit buildings or people." In reality, the town's council established a friendly drone map with given locations where you can fly your drone in full safety without needing any other authorisation. It is said that the town was loosing in attractiveness & inhabitants so this is most probably seen as a good marketing opportunity to regain visitors' favors & probably even some new absolute fans willing to live there 👌 Has anyone been to Japan or heard about this one? Or maybe you're from Japan, & could share more info about it? Here's the link of the article , the town's location & The Ultimate Guide about Japan Drone Rules which will come in handy if you intend to fly elsewhere while in the country of the rising sun 🌅 #japan #japanese #coolplace #ronefriendly #naka