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Wikiloc Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (uav) Filter

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

This post is all about Wikiloc & its Unmanned Aerial Vehicle filter. Surely one of the coolest outdoor apps out there & that you've got to get when travelling with your drone. If you often head outdoors (we believe such if you're a drone lover) & need some inspiration where to go next.. well wikiloc app is pretty neat for this. In this post, we will look into what is Wikiloc & how to use its unmanned aerial vehicle filter to plan your next hike with your drone.

Source: wikiloc app

If this is the first time you hear about Wikiloc, you might wanna know a little more background about it. Wikiloc is a community app allowing any outdoor activity fan to register a circuit or path he/she made or discovered and share it with other members. As we're often outdoors hiking for the next big thing out there, you bet we use it pretty often here at Dronemade, since years actually, and are quite happy with it. It even beats Google Maps from time to time.

Before being able to use it, you will need to register yourself and explain a little about you to others. A little like Dronemade community when you're asked a few sentences to introduce yourself for others to find what you're all about. Once this step done, you will be able to explore their online map & database which is where all the fun begins.

💡 Record winds with your own anemometer & save your drone from necessary dangers.

Wikiloc has thousands of hiking, biking, fishing, paraglising, swimming, ... (there are over 40 type of activities to filter from) trails & tracks shared by other wikiloc members. You can easily browse on their map, a little as if you were using Google Maps to find your next destination. By applying the filters, you will be able to narrow down your search & in our case, select the now famous unmanned aerial vehicle filter to record or reproduce a flight you particularly enjoyed with other members.

Source: wikiloc app

This will select only paths that have been shared by other wikiloc members using their drone to fly there. As this is a pretty recent add on, there aren't many out there.. actually as we're writing this post.. it appears there are two super active members; one in El Salvador & one in Spain (we promise it isn't us). But the fact is there.. wikiloc is the first outdoor activity app non drone specifically related to offer this functionality to their users & we would love to thank them directly for that!

💡 Don't forget to pack extra batteries when going out for a while.

Until now, we only used to go to wikiloc to find the next great hike where we could occasionally get out the drone. If this is your style as well, make sure to have a look at our recommendations about drone backpacks when heading out. But this is not all of it, Wikiloc also offers you the option to customize your hike based on the time you have available, length you wanna undertake, the elevation when relevant or from when/where the contributors of the app updated it.

Source: wikiloc app

We hope you found this post useful, we certainly got pleasantly surprised the first time we saw a unmanned aerial vehicle filter option on our wikiloc app. There are also other premium filters which might enhance the ones we showed to you here but we did not pay for the premium version just yet & if you want our thought, the free version is already plenty.


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