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The Ultimate Guide to Slovenia's (Ljubljana) Drone Laws & Rules

🖐 In this blog post we’ll share all law links & known rules about recreational & commercial drone use in Slovenia (Ljubljana). Give a 👍 at the end of this post if you enjoyed it & feel free to comment your experience or any updates in The Forum. Keep in mind that the content below is updated to the best of our ability & does not replace official sources & your own research.

Slovenia drone laws and rules

Recreational vs Commercial drone use in Slovenia

Slovenia differentiates a little commercial vs recreational drone use. Both are subject to restrictions & a strict code of conduct. Additionally, depending on the weight of your drone, different rules will apply.

✅ In Slovenia, drone regulation falls under the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) & they can be contacted anytime via;

  • Email:

  • Phone: (+386) 1 244 66 00

✅ Slovenia identifies 4 flying zone categories

  • Category A = Nature (except National Parks).

  • Category B = Infrastructure (barn, local roads).

  • Category C = House, Building, Busy Roads, Highways,...

  • Category D = City centres (including villages & towns).

✅ The country additionally differentiates 3 drone weight classes:

  • below 500 g

  • between 500 g & 5 kg

  • above 5 kg


Can I bring my drone to Slovenia?

✅ Currently, there doesn't seem to be any restrictions on bringing drones within Slovenia (Ljubljana) as long as your import is considered as legitimate (generally one drone per person).

Drone Travel Gear

🚨 Be aware of the airline you purchase to travel as some main ones will only accept your drone on-board if its batteries are detached & placed in a firecase during travel time. Most airlines will have a battery voltage limit based on the recommendation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You can find more info about a specific airline here.


Where can I fly my drone in Slovenia?

✅ Slovenia flight map is controlled by CAA showing flight restricted areas for recreational use mainly. You will find on this map the restricted areas around the airports and aerodromes as well as other limited airspace zones.

Slovenia Drone Fly Map

🛬 No fly airspace operates up to 5 km around any airport. From then comes in place a controlled airspace which is represented in yellow on the map and limits the maximum altitude to 50 m instead of 150 m.

🌲 Slovenia protects its National Parks and you will need an authorisation to fly within them, especially Triglav National Park (more info).

  • 🚨 Note that during the busy summer month, rescue operation helicopters often operate at very low altitudes to rescue hikers; give way at all times and land as soon as possible.

  • ✅ Bled Lake is fine to fly above but be mindful that it gets crowded during summer months.


Recreational Drone use in Slovenia

✅ Good things first, you will not need a license to fly your drone for recreational use in Slovenia if your drone weights less than 5 kg & as long as you keep your flight within Categories A & B.

✅ However in every category case, you will need:

  • fly at a maximum of 150 m altitude (50 m within controlled zones) & 500 m away from you.

  • fly always in sight & only during daytime (30 mins before sunrise/after sunset tops).

  • it is recommended to mark your drone with a waterproof pen mentioning your full contact details. (use an aluminium plate for drones heavier than 5 kg).

  • run a back check of your drone and the flights' surroundings prior any take off.

  • fly at least 5 km away from airports. You must also give priority to all other categories of aircraft & if you see n aircraft during your flight, land immediately.

  • fly your drone 30 m (5 m in low speed) away from animals, objects, vehicles, roads, railways, buildings, waterways, power lines, people & respect individuals' privacy.

  • fly your drone 150 m from crowds (a crowd is defined as 12 or more people).

  • do not transport or drop anything from your drone.

  • fly away from urban areas (flight for 'fun' are not allowed there).

🚨 If you wish to fly outside the above common rules or above/within a Category C or D airspace, you will have to pass a theoretical and practical exam first.

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Commercial Drone use in Slovenia

✅ To fly your drone for commercial purposes in Slovenia, you will need to register it annually and log in each flight at least 12 h prior taking off.

How to register my drone in Slovenia?

✅ The process to register your drone in Slovenia is fairly simple as you will just need to complete this form with the required information including your drone and personal details. Once completed;

  1. send it to

  2. you will get a reply with how to pay the registration fee

  3. pay a 90€ application fee (this is valid for 1 year).

  4. you will receive a written confirmation (see image below).

Slovenian Registration Confirmation Letter
Slovenian Registration Confirmation Letter

If you wish to renew your permit after the 1st year, simply resend the same completed form choosing the renewal option this time. 🤑 It will cost you again 90€ but renewals are valid for 2 years.

How to apply for a flight permission?

Each time you intend to fly for a commercial purpose, you will have to complete this form and send it to at least 12 h before your intended flight.

  • If you filled it up correctly and it all makes sense, you will not receive any answer.

  • If something is odd or missing, they will reply to you.


Once you got everything in order, you can start flying above Slovenia's awesome landscapes and create videos like this one:

Drone Rules World Map

✅ Please leave a comment or update the Forum when you receive news and/or gain experience with your drone in Slovenia! Have fun and safe flight!


Disclaimer: Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information researched, we take no responsibility for any loss, harm or damage caused as a direct or indirect consequence of relying on this information. It is your responsibility to seek advice from qualified local & relevant authorities for needed information about local drone rules and regulations.

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