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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Purnululu National Park, Australia

🖐 In this travel guide we’ll share all our experience travelling to Purnululu National Park (WA), located on the North East of Western Australia. If this is your first time on Dronemade, we're a community of drone pilots around the world and thus like to share our travel experiences and how we see things from up there. Give a 👍 at the end of this post & feel free to share your experience or any updates you might have in the Australia Discussion Group. Keep in mind that the content below is updated to the best of our knowledge & does not replace official sources & your research.

Bee Hives, Purnululu National Park
Bee Hives, Purnululu National Park

Purnululu is located in Western Australia (WA) and spreads across 239,000 hectares. The national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site recognised for its ‘outstanding universal value’. The Park is famous for its beehive like domes and gorges that you can hike within. The climate is best described as tropical semi-desert with thunderstorms and cyclones filling in the gorges during rain season during summer mostly (November - April) when the park can often closes. Karijini is one of the most isolated places on Earth and getting there can only be done by ground transportation.

Where is Purnululu National Park and how to get there?

Karijini National Park is located between Kununurra and Halls Creek both leading to the unsealed entrance off highway 1. The unsealed road is a 4 wheel drive only and honestly, you will need it (We got bogged and jumped on a another car to cross and get to Purnululu). Make sure to fill up on petrol, water and groceries before getting there as there is simply nothing onsite. The Park has an entrance fee of $15 per vehicle.

4WD Purnululu National Park
4WD Purnululu National Park

💡Get yourself a yearly, monthly or quarterly national park pass if you intend to visit at least 3 National Parks in WA.

💦 Purnululu does not have any treated water onsite so make sure to bring heaps of water with you during your time here, it is recommended 15L per day per person especially during summer when temperatures can reach 40C.

👍Get more help from the Visitor Center, located at the park’s entrance and make sure to register before entering Purnululu so they know you’re here.

  • Open from April to September (8am to 4pm with a lunch break between 12 - 1pm)

  • Phone is (+61) 9168 7300

  • Email:

What to do in Kariji National Park?


Purnululu has 2 main hiking area; North and South which both feature incredible short hikes you can complete within a day.

The Bloodwoods (North hikes): starting from the carpark, you can complete all local short hikes within a loop starting with Homestead Valley, making your way to Mini Palms Gorge and finishing off with the famous and outstanding Echidna Chasm. There is an optional Osmand Lookout walk from it if you feel like it. All together, your hikes will be a solid 18kms return taking you the whole day.

Hiking the Bee Hives, Purnululu National Park
Hiking the Bee Hives, Purnululu National Park

💡 Book yourself a night at the Kurrajong Campground, it will be on your way back from the North hikes and allow you to rest before continuing your drive to the South ones.

Piccaninny (South Hikes): there are several places to see here but again all can be combined with a day except Piccaninny Creek Trek which will require you to obtain a permit as it’s a two day hike going through Piccaninny Gorge.

All hikes start from the car park and aside from Piccaninny Creek Trek, you can combine them in the following order. Start with the Domes’ view, then head up to Whip Snake Gorge. On your return, check out the Window, Piccaninny Creek Lookout and end up with the enchanting Cathedral Gorge.

Cathedral Gorge, Purnululu National Park
Cathedral Gorge, Purnululu National Park

Combined, the hikes are about 12kms and can be done in half a day depending on your level of fitness. During the dry season, you will see impressive water carved river beds surrounding the outstanding bee hive domes.

Go on a helicopter tour

Scenic helicopter flights depart daily from the Belburn Airstrip. Flight usually fly over the National Park and can be booked a the airfield, visitor centre or by phone (08 9168 7335). These are a great way to see Purnululu in its entirety and truly appreciate this natural site from a different perspective.


There are two campsites available to book online at Purnulului National Park. On the North side, you can stay at Kurrajong Campground or Walardi Campground in the South. Campsites have a fee on top of the Park’s entrance fee. Find more info at

Camping, Purnululu National Park
Camping, Purnululu National Park

👍 We recommend to stay one night onsite just to enjoy the beautiful sunset sunlight reflecting on the domes. Make sure to bring all you need with you if you intend to stay overnight and take your rubbish on your way out. Good news, as the park is truly remote, these are rarely sold out and you can make your arrangements on the same day without too much trouble.

Can I fly my drone in Purnululu National Park?

❌ Unfortunately due to the high helicopter rotation and to comply with the World Heritage compliances, no drones are permitted in Purnululu. You can always try to call the visitor centre to double check but this is unlikely to change as a rule and your best shot to get an aerial pic is to climb on a helicopter.

What to think of Purnululu National Park?

Well we don't like to write this part of the story so we've put together some of our coolest pics. If you don't feel like seeing them before heading there, we get it and won't be sad.

✅ Please leave a comment or update the Australian Drone Forum when you receive news and/or gain experience in Purnululu National Park! Have fun over there and make a lot of good memories! #travel #experience #purnululu #western #wa #australia #australian #nationalpark #park

Disclaimer: Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information researched, we take no responsibility for any loss, harm or damage caused as a direct or indirect consequence of relying on this information. It is your responsibility to seek advice from qualified local & relevant authorities for needed information about local drone regulations

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