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A complete review of the DJI Mini 2 drone and its features

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

🤘 In this review, we will look at all that makes the DJI Mini 2 a truly versatile and traveller friendly drone whilst looking into its limitations and what are the other options out there based on your needs. This article contains some affiliate links which help Dronemade keep free and power ever more drone resources to you.

But before anything, here's the official trail video from DJI, the manufacturer of the DJI Mini 2. So time to grab some 🍿 and enjoy this short and exciting video!

As you've found out the DJI Mini 2 is a very light little drone that is designed for being the perfect travel companion. Being only 249g, this allows you to travel in most countries without having to register your drone; found out more. It is also perfect to use indoors or for small family reunions which you want to keep an original and unique memory of. This drone features some of the best technology available on larger DJI models.

The DJI Mini 2 in a nutshell

✅ Overall the DJI Mini 2 is an excellent travel companion and a perfect mate for taking these lifetime memories. But some features are frankly quite outstanding considering its size and price with many that would only be seen on more expensive/bigger models within competition such as:

  • Longer/Further Flights: a very honourable performer, with up to 31 mins flight time and a 10 km range.

  • Super Light: its weight and small size makes it great for carry on but also allows you to avoid registering your drone in most countries.

  • Return to home: if you loose control or signal, the drone can automatically come back to its starting point by flying up to 30 m and using its obstacle avoidance system.

  • Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization: featuring a 3 axis gimbal allowing extra smooth filming no matter how rough you're flying.

🚨 It is not all perfect tho.. as some aspects (usually untold) might pull you off such as:

  • Integrated camera: whilst the camera is great today, it is fixed to the drone meaning if you want a better lens, you will need to change of drone.

  • Camera performance: its low resolution (12MP) will make your photos look average (no possibility to print larger than A5 without some pixelization). Note its 4K filming will give you all the performance you need, so if you intend to film, no worries.

✅ Final good news is that alike all DJI drones, the DJI Mini 2 comes with the DJI App and offers intelligent flight modes and intuitive controls help you create cinematic aerial videos with just a few taps (see below). You can also automatically edit templates and an array of filters to share them straight to social media.

What intelligent flight modes come with the DJI Mini 2?

Dronie: a flight mode that allows self-portrait photograph (selfie), place the drone about 2m from you and click on yourself through the screen.

Helix: an interesting flying mode where your drone will start flying circularly upwards from your predefined subject giving you this feeling of elevation and cool video results.

Rocket: as its names' suggest this is mode where your drone will fly vertically and upwards from your predefined subject. Giving you a sensation of ascending indefinitely (or until you tell your drone to stop).

Circle (previously called Point of Interest): in this mode, the drone will circle the subject in a consistent pattern. Simply select the point of reference and tell it how far you want the drone to fly around it. End result will be perfectly still circling videos showing a 360° surrounding.

Boomerang: as the flight mode's name suggest.. this intelligent flight modes mimics the flying pattern of a boomerang. As if you threw it away from you and returning to its original spot giving this kind of cool video results.

Smart Photo (done in the app): integrates scene recognition, HyperLight, and HDR into one mode for optimal results. Scene recognition optimizes different camera parameters for various scenes and supports intelligent recognition of five categories: sunset, skies, grass, snow, and trees.

Panorama: The DJI Mini 2 offers DJI’s most advanced panorama mode, with a higher dynamic range and colours that are vivid and incredibly accurate. You can choose between Wide-Angle, 180° and Sphere panorama modes.

What about the Mini 2's camera?

The camera has a video transmission distance of up to 10 km and can also deliver HD resolution livestream directly from the drone’s camera. (OcuSynch 2.0) It also has a compact 1/2 inch CMOS sensor shooting videos in 4K (30fps) and taking photos at 12 megapixels (MP).

Interestingly, its 4K zoom feature allows you to see/film very well further away without having to bring your drone closer to your subject. This is a great advantage when filming wildlife for example as you won't need to get too close and risk scaring fauna away 🦌

How well does the DJI Mini 2 fly?

The DJI Mini 2 can fly up to 10 kms away from you with HD Wi-Fi technology allows for 1080p real-time video transmission. It can also reach up to 56 km / h and fly for a duration of up to 31 mins per fully charged battery. Little but mighty, despite its low 249g weight, it can handle winds up to 50km/h (which means level 5 wind resistance according to DJI).

✅ The low voltage of the battery makes it compatible will airline carry on bags. Find out more info about from your favourite airline here.

With a down only obstacle avoidance, the Mini 2 cannot prevent crashing in the tree just ahead of you. However its 4K camera (and zoom) gives you crystal clear imagery on your screen to avoid any obstacle manually.

Where can I buy DJI Mini 2 drone?

Anywhere is probably the best answer.. but as it is a common drone, we simply recommend you where you will find it cheapest. Finding spare parts is easy in many countries. You can purchase it or compare online via our partner Banggood or on Amazon

If you want to be absolutely certain that you're not getting ripped off, then you can buy with peace of mind at the Official DJI Store for a little more money (usually).


🏆 Our final thoughts is that the DJI Mini 2 is simply the best travel companion you can get on the drone market today. However, if you are after some stunning photos, then you might want to upgrade and look at the Mavic Air 2 for example. Its weight (249g) allows you to bring it anywhere and fly no matter where you intend to travel.

We hope you enjoyed this review and that it helped you understand a little more about your next exciting purchase. By doing it via one of our affiliate links, you are helping us remaining free and deliver ever more resources to the community, thank you!



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