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10 Commercial drone uses you probably didn't know about!

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Every daily report we receive confirms a tremendous trend ahead with almost uncapped potential. Over our studies, country by country, we've also noticed some progress in commercial drone use adoption & believe this is only the beginning. To understand how wide the applications can be, we've listed below 10 activities that are set to boom or be revolutionised over upcoming years. Some are exciting, others a little scarier but in all cases.. they could become the new norm.

See the below info-graphic which forecast the use drone commercial uses per industry.

Source: Gettrik

We hope you'll enjoy the read. At the end, feel free to drop us a little comment at the end of the blog post to cheer us up or ask your own question(s). To kick in with the 10 commercial drone uses, lets look into:



Agriculture is probably one of the biggest commercial opportunity for drone owners. Some drones are already equipped with sprayers to fly over the fields & spread the product over the plants. We are personally a little more eco-friendly here.. but this could just as well be water brought to the most remote corners of a farm for example. Equipped with mapping tools, drones can also identify where in the field there is missing water allowing the farmer to water where needed and save this precious resource. In Australia, farmers often use helicopters to bring their cattle back into the ranch..we can easily imagine a drone doing the work in the nearby years. In China, the law is already ahead of trend with a legislation allowing drone up to 5.7 tons to fly up to 15 m above crop fields 😲


We're almost too late for this one.. several tests around the world have already taken shape including remote medicine delivery in Africa or letters in France for instance. In New Zealand, Domino's pizza is willing to be the first delivering by drone and tests have began since 2016 in Auckland, no kidding! But probably most eager company to get out there.. Amazon, the multinational actually has a whole service and website ready to literally take off promising deliveries withing 30 mins via their program Amazon Prime Air ! 😍

Architecture & construction

Architects & construction firms are rushing into this new opportunity saving time & avoiding dangerous manoeuvres to their workforce. Professionals of the construction industry can use the images to create 3D modelling of infrastructures they are planning to build. A little earlier in the process, drones can also become a handy tool to help identify the aspects of a given field & better assess any risks hardly seen from the ground floor. Major skyscraper cities such as Dubai almost require this technology today as it aren't always easy to build 100 level buildings between two other higher ones..

Drones Rentals

Some hobbies can quickly become obsessional & trust us.. we know about this one. With more drone owners can't thinking of another way to take photos, some solutions are coming up. In Indonesia, Bali drone production are already out there &will offer you a chance to rent your drone onsite rather than carrying it with you as it can sometimes prove tricky. We believe this has further potential considering the trickiness of some countries' rules (tax on import, no licensing to foreigners, etc.) & the care to take when taking a plane with your drone.

Emergency Services

This is just an evidence to us.. police, firefighters, doctors, vets are all finding an advantage to drones when it comes to get there faster. The Police of New York recently added 14 copters to their city force to enhance police patrols & low criminality. Using drone for emergency responses, particularly with medical needs is a true gain for all. The French alpine doctors use a drone to help identifying where lost people are. However, as cool as it sounds, please do not try to intervene with your drone in emergency sites yourself. This is a real need and professionals are on it... for example, if you're flying a drone near a bush-fire, this will force water planes to land until you do.. we've seen more helpful drone uses..

Monitoring and conservation

The use of drones in surveillance can fit many industries. This is actually what they were created for initially by the military which then turned them into weapons. Without going to these extreme, drone surveillance and monitoring can be an efficient way to do such. In the Amazon Forest, drones are most useful to identify illegal mining sites devastating our environment. In Finland, drones are considered to monitor the country's Russian border or in Colombia looking after drug dealers. In some remote islands in the Pacific, drones are used to monitor conservation efforts of endemic species & rare fauna.


You've probably seen aerial shots during your news and within animal documentaries, no? "If not, have a look again, there are more than you would imagine". Drones are used all around the world to bring you the next scoop or simply report on local events. Drones are also easier to fly around than a helicopter allowing journalist's to realise closer shots. Animal documentaries are also being filmed thanks to this technology.. recently we saw a couple entirely made out of drone footage..

Training & Course certification

As use rises, regulation around drone goes with it. Many countries (especially in Europe & North America) now require commercial (professional) drone pilots to have a license or a permission. Most licenses require heavy theoretical & practical training which sometimes can end costing big bucks. The good new is the money spent here is helping the economy and drone schools to thrive. Ever considered a teaching career? Well you might be able to combine two of your passions now. If you know one or would like to recommend one, we've set up a "list your business" page for all our members to share and look up to when in need or on the go in another country for example.

Wireless internet access

Probably the most unexpected commercial drone use you came across today.. & at the same time the greatest of all. Facebook & Google have set a race to expand internet access by creating a drone communicating network to provide internet connectivity in remote places. And just in case you thought we were kidding, Facebook recently acquire the company Titan Aerospace in order to achieve this goal.

Aerial Footage

With no surprises this is our favourite 😍 More & more of pilots are kicking themselves every morning to get the best shot out there & see things from a different angle. At Dronemade, we understand it, in fact, we embraced it. We've opened our platform to allow you to sell your art via our platform with trust & fairness. We are convinced that safe & responsible flying can result in some of the most amazing shots you've ever seen. We sell your footage in a non exclusive way & in full transparency to medias, agencies, & travel industry keen to help their customers feel as if there were where you are. If you're keen, you can read more about promoting your art via Dronemade.


With this last drone commercial use example in mind, we sincerely hope having given you some inspiration to keep it up there & fly responsibly. If you have an original drone business we would love to hear about it & probably even share it with all.

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