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Drones in Chile

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Hello! I hope this is the right place for this! I am brand new to all of this and am having difficulty understanding the laws for Chile. I have read that registration is necessary as well as an exam In order to fly. I just have the DJI MINI SE (under 250g) and am flying recreationally this time. Where and how do I register ? Where can I take the exam ? Does everyone need a license to fly in Chile ?

Thanks to anyone who can help or point me in the right direction.

Chilean protesters are taking police drone down with simple lasers !

Video of Chilean protesters using beams of green light to ground a police drone made the rounds on social media Wednesday. But those aren’t tractor beams or Green Lantern rings—the protesters appear to be using run-of-the-mill laser pointers to take down law enforcement-grade technology.

But how does it work ?

Chilean protesters took to the streets last month to speak out against a proposed increase in public transit fares, though the demonstrations have now turned into a countrywide expression of anger over low wages and inequality.

Video posted to Reddit late Tuesday appears to show training laser pointer pens on a police drone in an attempt to bring it to the ground. As more light beams make contact with the unmanned aerial system, or UAS, it falters, then almost escapes before a coordinated effort brings it slowly to Earth.

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