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"There's nothing like it"

Australia is an immense piece of land featuring dozens of natural sites and cultural wonders. Home to the infamous Vegemite and the mighty kangaroos, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

With 26,000 kms of coastline and 10,000+ beaches, it would take you about 30 years to visit all of them. The North East welcomes the Great Barrier Reef. Whilst South West is home to Perth, the world's most isolated city; to reach the next city, you will have to drive 2,700 kms.

In our underrated destinations' guides we will share our tips and experience from where, when to how and with who to travel. Bear in mind that our travel experience leads us away from touristic places which you will find content about easily on other sites.

Underrated Australian Destinations


Itineraries Suggestions

💡 Our suggested itineraries are most of the part off the beaten track implying will not find your Macca's 🍟 nearby but rather enjoy the self serve banana stand along your road trip.


1M East Coast (East Coast of Australia)

A rewarding road trip starting from Sydney or Cairns that will make you cross various landscapes of the country. This is a trip to explore some of the highlights of the country such as Fraser Island, WhitSundays or the Great Barrier Reef.

10D Inner Sydney Loop (Inner New South Wales)

Explore inner New South Wales and get to understand the locals. See kangaroos taking a swim in Pebbly beach or relax in Sydney Harbour after the drive. Pass through Canberra and get to try the local wines along your way.

15D South East Loop (South East Australia) 

Probably the quietest part of the East coast. With dozens of national parks along your way and a couple of wine regions, there is something for everyone. You can start this trip from Melbourne or Sydney and do it one way if no time for the return.

7D South Coast (South of Australia)

Enjoy one of the most stunning roads of Australia going through the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles. But don't stop there! The rest of the trip up to Adelaide is equally stunning and you will feel truly remote in most places.

15D Tasmanian Loop (Tasmania)

Our favourite road trip in Australia with the most pristine air and landscapes of the country. Hike cradle mountain or enjoy a beer at the oldest pub of the island and feel what nature means at its very core!

Road Trip Suggestions

Drones & Australia

Australia requires you to register and pass a little theory test before flying your drone. You can obtain it yourself in a few minutes; this test is to ensure you know the basic rules and ensures safety for all.

Australian capital cities have tightly regulated airspace. Beware of national parks which are controlled at a state level, not all states have the same rules.  If flying with Qantas, they will allow your drone in cabin as long as the detachable batteries do not exceed 160W which should be stored in a fireproof bag - Flying with another airline?

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Lightweight . Foldable . Solid . 30 min Flights


"We personally use this model in Australia thanks to its long range capacity and quality air filters to keep the sand out. A little less pricey is the Mavic Pro 1 which is well suited too"


Drone rules per Australian State


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