Walkera Rodeo 110

Our Review

✅ What's great about it!

Carbon fiber frame
Realtime FPV

🚨 What's not so cool...

Short battery life
Little wind resistance

💡 In a few words.

The Walkera Rodeo 110 drone is an amazing drone that deserves to be on my best drones under 300 list. This is a compact quadcopter that can be flown indoors, but is intended to be raced. It can be used to capture pictures with its HD camera, or record streaming video from its 5.8GHz video transmission. You can fly it outdoors, but its ultra light weight design means it is not robust against strong winds.

The Rodeo 110 comes in a RTF or BNF versions. BNF means it does not come with a controller, and you use one of your existing controllers to bind with the drone before flying. RTF means the drone comes with a controller. The link for this drone is for a RTF model.

Once you have initialized the drone, you will be surprised by this drone’s aerobatic agility. It can perform roll and maneuvers at a high rate, and surprising speed. Don’t be afraid of crashes since the frame is made of a sturdy carbon fiber material. It is also corrosion, impact, and abrasion resistant.

The drone comes with a 600 TVL HD camera, which has an adjustable tilt angle. The camera is not overly impressive, but is still able to capture HD images and videos. The Rodeo 110 comes with a 850 mAh LiPo battery which can keep this drone flying for 6 minutes on one battery charge.

For a beginner FPV racing pilot, this is a great drone. It has all of the features of a larger racing drone, except for a GPS system. You will have a lot of fun flying this zippy drone.

Walkera Rodeo 110
Walkera Rodeo 110
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