Syma X8C

Our Review

✅ What's great about it!

GoPro camera compatible
Stable & reliable

🚨 What's not so cool...

No FPV feed
Slow battery charge
Low default camera quality

💡 In a few words.

The Syma X8C has good performance for an affordable price. What makes this drone affordable is its use of brushed motors, fixed camera gimbal, and no additional advanced features. Despite the lack of features, the Syma X8C is a well-built drone.

The Syma X8C is essentially a larger version of the Syma X5C with the addition of a headless mode. Both drones have the same flight performance and responsiveness. The X8C is easy to fly, hovers well, and responds to controller commands with no lag.

The larger size and weight of the X8C makes it more robust to wind gusts. This stability makes the X8C a good choice for aerial photography. The powerful coreless motors provide enough thrust to allow the possibility of a GoPro camera. However, be aware that you are likely to shorten the motors life due to the extra load.

The headless mode is a great feature for drone beginners. This allows you to fly the drone without worrying about which way it is facing. When the drone is flown to a distance away, you may lose knowledge of its orientation. Activating headless mode will allow you to bring the drone back to you.

Even though this drone does not have a camera gimbal, or camera vibration dampening, the X8C can take reasonable quality images and videos. The camera is detachable if you are not planning to take images.
The Syma X8C is a good choice for those looking for a toy-grade quadcopter that can also work as an aerial photography platform.

Syma X8C
Syma X8C
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