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Syma X5SW

Our Review

✅ What's great about it!

Has a camera
Good landing design
Easy to handle

🚨 What's not so cool...

Little wind resistance
High latency
Short battery life

💡 In a few words.

This quadcopter features a 2 megapixel camera that connects to your smartphone display using wifi. The flight mode is stabilized by a 6 axis gyro, which allows for smooth and stable flight. There is also a very cool 360 degree inversion function that allows it to do flips.

You can expect flight times of about 5 to 10 minutes. Remember that using the camera will drain the battery faster.

The camera only has a resolution of 640 x 480, but you will be surprised at the picture quality. Its pretty good for a low end camera. The video is recorded on your smartphone, so if there is any latency or dropouts in the video stream, it will be apparent in the final video.

To connect your phone with the quadcopter, you will need to download the Syma software for your Android or your Apple phone. When you turn the quadcopter, you’ll see a wifi SSID that will start with FPV. Once you are connected, go into the Syma FPV app, hit start, and you will see the feed from the quadcopter camera. There is a slight delay of about one second in the video feed.

The flight performance is very stable, even in light windy conditions. It doesn’t do too great if you are flying directly into the wind.

This entry level quadcopter has a lot of features despite its low price. The ability to take pictures and video while you fly is very cool. This is a great trainer quadcopter to get into FPV flying, and is highly recommended for someone just starting out with flying quadcopters.

Syma X5SW
Syma X5SW
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