Syma X5C

Our Review

✅ What's great about it!

HD camera
Stable while flying
Easy to handle

🚨 What's not so cool...

No propeller guards
Controller could be nicer
Battery safe can be faulty

💡 In a few words.

Syma has made itself a name in the RC market, and has released 20 different quadcopers and helicopters, all rather good quality. Though the price for the Syma X5C may be low, you will be surprised by its sleek design, and its stable flight dynamics. This quadcopter is easy to learn to fly, and is rugged enough to withstand a few rough landings. You will find numerous features, and it will certainly not break on its first flight.

This drone has a 6-axis gyroscope which provides high flight stability even when it is a bit windy outside. The 360 degree eversion control is a fun feature that allows the drone to roll continuously. The flight controller allows control even at larger distances, and is less affected by interference.

This quadcopter flies best in light winds. You can get some extra maneuverability by removing the camera and prop guards. The LED lights are a bit dim during the day, so it can be hard to know the drone orientation.
You can expect flight times of about 10 minutes without the camera on. The more images you take the less flight time you can expect.

The Syma X5C comes with a 2MP 720P HD Camera for taking pictures and videos while flying. There is a 2 GB microSD card that stores the videos and images, that can then be inserted into a PC for viewing. The camera is rather simple, and is fixed in one direction, zoom settings, and focus. You will not get any stunning aerial images, but the camera does a decent job.

The Syma X5C is a good quadcopter or both experienced, and beginner fliers.

Syma X5C
Syma X5C
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