Hubsan X4 H107D

Our Review

✅ What's great about it!

Easy to use
Small to carry

🚨 What's not so cool...

No extra features
Short battery life
Low quality camera

💡 In a few words.

This quadcopter is a very beginner friendly and reasonably priced FPV drone. You get to enter the world of FPV quadcopter without having to break the bank.

This drone has a unique design that separates it from other drones. There are two LED lights at the front and the back as well as the front and rear props being different colors. This helps to keep track of the orientation of the drone when you are flying, and lets you fly the drone at night.

This is a very small drone in terms of size and mass. Its best flown in doors, but can be taken outside when the winds are very low. Though it is small, it is highly maneuverable and can be flown aggressively. It is also robust to crashing, but you may have to replace a propeller occasionally. Using the prop guards only increases its durability.

The controller comes with a small LCD viewing screen built in that to provide the FPV stream. This eliminates the need to have to mount your smartphone to the controller. The camera does not deliver HD quality videos and images, but does decent job.

The control range is very good up to 100m. It doesn’t come with a return to home mode, so be sure not to fly out too far. It does come with altitude hold, which is unique for such a small drone.

This drone is not the fastest micro drone available, but makes up for this with its good flight stability. This is a great drone for starting out in FPV flying.

Hubsan X4 H107D
Hubsan X4 H107D
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