Our Review

✅ What's great about it!

Easy to carry
720 pixels camera
Adjustable filming speed

🚨 What's not so cool...

Short fly range
Proprietary battery
No adjustable camera

The JJRC is an ultra-portable drone that can be used by novice drone pilots to become familiar with a flying camera to take selfies. The portable design lets the arms fold in, and lets the drone propellers be tucked away under the drone body. This drone has a 720p camera that takes decent video quality and photos. There is no SD card slot, so the videos and pictures are saved on your phone using the JJRC App for iOS or Android. There is no noticeable lab in the video feed, and capture performs well even when doing sudden turns. The control range is limited to 150 feet, but since this drone is designed for selfies, it’s not made to be flown far away. This drone does feature a unique single-handed g-sensor controller that can be used as you hold your smartphone in your other hand. By tilting the controller, you get the drone to respond in the same way. Tilting the controller forward or to the side, makes the drone respond the same way. This drone uses a proprietary battery design, that does not allow you to use generic batteries. If you want to fly longer, you must buy this unique battery.