Holy Stone HS200

Our Review

✅ What's great about it!

Nice design

🚨 What's not so cool...

Long charging time
Poor camera quality
Not suited for outdoors

Are you a beginner? Then Holy Stone HS200 drone is the best device for you. It is highly considered being the best entry-level drone for beginners and intermediates. Therefore, the model of the drone is quite suitable for those users who want to learn how to fly drones in the sky before considering buying the most complex drones. The basic features of the drone are quite exceptional and very easy to adapt to them. The drone is fitted with cameras of about 720 in resolutions to help capture films or videos from an aerial point of view. It has the high super speed for training and the drone can make you acquire skills for operating more complex drones in the market. The drone has the ability to withstand the strong wind up in the air and it has a return landing home button for easy control. Holy Stone HS200 is fitted with gravity sensors so that it can allow you to shot quality pictures and images from the aerial point. It is the most preferred drone in the market for training since it is quite affordable.

Holy Stone HS200