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Drones in Vietnam

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Vietnam drone rules potentially getting tougher in 2020..

@Aljaz Ogrin (23.05.19)

Some new info:

Be advised, read the other day that due to an incident courtesy of some idiot they've just announced a ban on them being taken into the country. Also read some airports are seriously enforcing this.

Not advisable to bring along.....


@Chase Collum (14.06.19)

According to this article ( the law has not yet been changed, but is in the process of being changed. I haven't found any more recent news. I will be traveling through SE Asia this summer and will be landing in Hanoi and departing from Ho Chi Minh City, so getting my drone confiscated would be a huge problem for me. Can anyone please provide a link to where a person can apply for a drone flight permit? I have not seen a single link to the right place to do this anywhere I've searched.

Ministry of Defense fears 'unmanned aircraft threatens security'

By the end of 2019, the Ministry of Defense will submit to the Government a new decree to tighten the management of unmanned aircraft.

The US military seeks an emergency solution for flycam

On the afternoon of March 22, reporting at the meeting with the working group of the Prime Minister, Major General Ngo Minh Tien, Deputy Chief of the General Staff said that the Ministry of Defense was previously assigned to amend Decree 36 on managing unmanned aircraft and ultralight aircraft, but the Ministry proposed to build a new decree instead of revising.

According to Tien, unmanned aircraft and ultralight aircraft are now a very important and complex issue of military defense work; is growing very fast in large quantities.

"This meets the demand for recreational and recreational activities and brings about economic efficiency in general. However, it has been posing a very new problem as bad guys taking advantage of threats to defense and security. security, "said Tien.

Mr. Tien said that some countries have enacted laws to manage unmanned aircraft and ultralight aircraft. The Ministry of Defense, after reviewing 10 years of implementing Decree 36, proposed drafting a new decree to replace.

"Due to the rapid development of this type of flight, a new decree is needed to adjust. The Ministry of Defense will complete the draft to submit to the Government on time in December 2019", he said.

In August 2015, the Ministry of Defense issued a written request to ministries, branches and localities to strengthen the management of unmanned aircraft and ultra-light airplanes to ensure safety, aviation security and communal order. Assembly At that time, according to the head of the General Staff Department, more and more flycam players (flying and recording equipment in the air), flying organizations did not ask for permission. Meanwhile, flycam is designed with very high flight range, so if there are collisions with military aircraft or civil aircraft, it will be very dangerous, a catastrophic accident may occur.


@Dronemade (14.06.19)

Thanks a lot for sharing this information! We've updated the Vietnam post to warn travellers going to the country from 2020 as the rules are likely to be tightened by then according to this official feedback. Regarding your permit, have you tried to contact these guys to help you out?


@Chase Collum (23.06.19)

I've just contacted them and have my fingers crossed! Thanks so much for the link - I will post here any relevant info they share with me. I'll be flying in via Hanoi and out via Ho Chi Minh so a confiscated drone is not an option for me. I have insurance to cover loss theft and other issues, but I'd prefer to just keep my equipment, even if I am only able to fly it under limited circumstances.


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