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Drones in Ukraine

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Activists defiantly fly Pride flag from Ukraine national monument

LGBTIQ+ activists in the Ukraine have displayed a defiant show of Pride this month, flying the rainbow flag atop the nation’s most famous monument.

Kyiv’s Motherland statue was filmed holding the Pride flag, attached to her sword by drones flown by LGBTIQ+ activists.

Activists were supported in the endeavour by Dronariam Ukraine, who arranged the drone flight to the statue.

“Drone flights were carried out under the current legislation and according to the rules of the State Service,” Dronarium Ukraine wrote on social media.

“We are against the manifestation of aggression against the LGBT community, which we consider to be from the Middle Ages.”

Dronarium Ukraine also condemned the Motherland monument itself, a relic of the Soviet Union’s presence in the nation, describing it as “the coat of arms of a dead colossus on the monument in the centre of the capital of a European state.”

Homosexuality is not illegal in the Ukraine, though anti-LGBTIQ+ sentiment is prevalent in the region. Marriage is constitutionally defined as between a man and a woman, and there are no registers for same-gender relationships. Trans and gender diverse folks are recognised by law, and may amend legal documents to affirm their gender.

Pride celebrations will not go ahead this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Since 2016, advocacy organisation Kyiv Pride have been running Kyiv Pride Week, and raising awareness of LGBTIQ+ issues in the Ukraine.


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