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Drones in Saudi Arabia

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I want to share my experience. I already have an operator permit to fly drone from GACA. So I bought the fpv drone Protek35 (364 grams) in banggood. The item is now in Customs. DHL contact me and me "Please be informed that the subject shipment still held due to nature of the contents requires provide GACA License / (Civil Aviation Authority) / Customs HQ permit , hence this was the cause for the delay. ".

I reply by sending my Permit to fly from GACA, after 2 days they replied. "The attached cannot be used to clear the shipment. Customer need to apply the permit in Customs HQ. Once you got it kindly send to us."

I try to research, and found the FASAH site, I registered but and go to Clearance Permission but GACA is not included in the list of Agencies.

Hope someone can help me.

Abraham Mendoza
Muhammad Khan
Sep 26, 2023

Hi folks could you please help me i am in the similar situation my drone is stuck in customs from last two weeks . I have already submit my GACA license and also raise a Customs Request from GACA



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