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Drones in Myanmar (Burma)

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Drones in Myanmar

@Jose Luís Delgado (30.05.19)

Hi! I am planning a trip to Myanmar, and I just read terrible stories about people in jail and confiscated drones. Has anyone been there With a drone? Were you able to get permissions?



@Stefan Zahnd (6.08.19)


As we are travelling to Myanmar too I asked the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Geneva (CH) for help. They wrote me the following message:

Dear sir,

Accordingly, you can bring your drown in your hand carry. You need to please declare it with the Passenger declaration form , which you will have in the plane before landing. Also, please make sure you bring back your drone with you upon leaving Myanmar. Please also see these websites :

and provided me the attached PDF.

Hope this may be helpful :).

Cheers, Stefan


@Dronemade (6.08.19)

Thanks heaps @Stefan Zahnd for sharing this information and helping out @Jose Luís Delgado. Myanmar post has been updated thanks to your feedback, looking forward to see some of your pics!


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