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Drones in Myanmar (Burma)

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Travel Experience - A drone in Myanmar

@Stefan Zahnd (19.10.19)

Hi to all. We just arrived in Myanmar and wanted to share my experience. Before our Journey we asked the embassy of Myanmar in Geneva about the process and the documents to import a drone. They told us that we have to declare the drone upon arrival on the customs form.

So, we arrived at 1am in the morning. A mandatory custom form does not exist. We had our drone in the hand luggage. We moved through immigrations with our eVisa and headed to the baggage belt. The bags arrived, we took them and walked through the customs. Some officials stood there and a more or less big x-ray machine was in work. For a short moment we thought of asking someone about the drone but as they showed us the way out, we didn‘t and moved on :).

I have no news about what would happen if they would check the bags and find a drone. But from my gut feeling and the fact that Myanmar is in preparation of a drone law, no one cares I think.

In an official customs paper I read that if you carry a movie camera with you (a real big one for documentaries and so) they will take it away, store it and give it back to you when you leave.

From my experience, don‘t be scared about the stories. Take your drone with you in whatever bag you want.

I know, this is not a solid suggestion, but I hope this may help :).


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