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Drones in Jamaica

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Hey drone Jamaica, so I recently got the Potensic dreamer drone, was doing a few test flight to see the distance capability, camera, speed etc... while doing so 2 neighbors approached me aggressive to land my drone or they will call the police, saying what I was doing is illegal. My question is what are the laws against flying drone in Jamaica.

Oct 04, 2020

Hi @Davian, thanks for sharing this experience with everyone. We've looked at Jamaican drone laws last year and according to our findings, you're allowed to fly your drone in Jamaica. This said not everywhere. See below a map provided by Airmap which lists official airspace restrictions which are mainly around urban and military zones.

Whilst you're allowed to fly your drone elsewhere (by respecting the rules explained in our post), it's also important to respect others' privacy. If you are flying above an individual's land, then it goes a long way by asking permission first. Some countries such as UK have made it compulsory to ask permission. A general rule of thumbs up is to fly in open spaces such as coastal areas (use a lens filter to avoid water glare in your aerial photos/videos).



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