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Drones in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica watches with drones and tightens measures on its border with Nicaragua to stop illegal migration

The Costa Rican authorities have tightened measures to stop the illegal passage of people on its border with Nicaragua. Costa Rica’s Security Minister, Michael Soto, reported that border surveillance was reinforced with the use of drones over some 309 kilometers from the border with Nicaragua, with the aim of containing illegal migration, being part of the actions against the pandemic of the Novel Covid-19 coronavirus.

Minister Soto, in an interview with the newspaper La Nación of Costa Rica, acknowledged the concern about the high level of contagion of the coronavirus that is reported in Nicaragua, for which they considered it necessary to reinforce the actions in ten border municipalities to stop illegal circulation of people. The use of technology is being key in this work.

“We are making a huge effort, adding more resources but, above all, more technology, so that the personnel do not move unnecessarily to a point, but rather that drones, planes, the helicopter tell us where there is movement and the resource goes straight . That is what we are betting on: intelligence, strategic positioning and taking advantage of resources in the best possible way, “said the Minister of Security in an interview with La Nación.

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