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Drones in Australia

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Hi, thanks for letting me join. I recently bought a Mavic Mini secondhand and want to try it out doing some video and photos. I am probably way to cautious about the rules since reading all of CASAs drone rules! One thing I continually come across is the restriction with flying within the 5.5km zone of my local controlled airport, Parafield. I see in lots of drone web sites whether dealers or member sites such as this, that you can't fly in these zones. Even the DJI app says so.

But, every bit of literature I can get my hands on from CASA and elsewhere says you can't, unless your drone weighs under the magical 250g. The Mavic Mini does, but I keep thinking is this a trick? Perhaps I am just paranoid. My reading of the regulations is I can go across the road to a local park and practice as much as I like as long as I don't bother anyone and stay 30m from anyone?

How do I get a definitive answer?


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