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Drones in Australia

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Hi newbie here, so I guess my first question will be much like that of many other wet behind the ears newbies. My son has just visited from Seattle and I am now the proud owner of a DJI Mini2 UAV. While I have a GA pilots licence and am therefore not unfamiliar with CASA red tape, I am surprised to see how restricted UAV's are and am already wondering what is the point of owning one. My son, through passing a simple online theory exam in the US was able to greatly expand his horizons so to speak and enjoys almost limitless flight over there. If strictly line of sight and 120m height is all that is available here - why!!!! Not very high from the ground and basically only to the end of my street seems pretty draconian. Are there any similar exams to his [I think it was a part 105 or something like that] which I can take to expand the use of the drone? FYI I am 80 and don't want to be spending my days dragged through practical and theory classes [and at expense as an aged pensioner] to achieve only slightly more. I just want to be able to enjoy the capabilities of the UAV. Nonetheless being a pilot I have a great respect for the aviation rules that keep us safe and the reasons behind them. Having a pilots licence I of course also have an aviation radio licence, and I live pretty much out in the sticks 50+kms north of Melbourne where population and infrastructure are fairly sparse anyway. I would most appreciate any assistance that can be offered. I very much look forward to more than just buzzing around my backyard. Regards and thank you.



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