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Drones in Australia

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Western Australia police to purchase more than 40 drones and train 60 pilots!

The Western Australia (WA) police force have shared its plans to train 60 drone pilots and purchase more than 40 drones over the next 12 months. The police drones will be used to patrol metropolitan and regional areas in emergencies such as land or marine searches.

The Western Australia police ministry announced that that the more than 40 drones will be used to patrol the state from above. The state government had previously shared that it had purchased 35 drones in November of last year.

Announcement - New Police Drones

Assistant Commissioner for Specialist and Support Services Paul Zanetti said in a statement that the drones will be used to assist frontline police officers and improve the overall efficiency of many tasks undertaken by the police force.

Paul Wimsett, chief remote pilot for the WA police, shared that the first phase of the drones will be deployed to the major crash unit. The drones first to be deployed will be the DJI Phantom 4 and the Matrice 210 RTK. They will assist the unit to get a better understanding of the crash scene and map it out for further examination.



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