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Drones in Australia

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I’ve done documentaries for decades, first commercially, now for fun, always depended on the likelihood of a budget for Helos. The world changed with drones, but it is a new world for me, like it was photographing and filming undersea when ai began doing that.

I need a drone to complement my wildlife videos, something small that does not require license, a decent price and able to do decent 4K footage, and auto returning home, of course, I own a GoPro 9 and am geared in M43. Below my site. Hope I get some recommendations. Thank in advance. Carlo.

Paul N
Paul N
Jan 16, 2023

Hey Carlo,

Sorry, just spotted your post. I bought a DJI Mavic Mini - around US$350 - and I'm please with the performance, however it lacks Point of Interest (POI) functionality which I suspect you'd want for moving wildlife videos.

If you want POI to stay focussed on a specific object you might be paying $1200 or over.

Your nature clips are impressive by the way!



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