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Drones in Australia

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Does anyone know of a 7" tablet that can be used to accommodate the DJI Fly app? I had a choice of Lenovo or Laser and opted for Lenovo ($98). Side loaded the app but would not install because not comparable. Research suggests it must have a 64 bit processor. Any ideas?

Phil Lodge
Phil Lodge
Feb 06, 2021

I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" (about $275 in 2018). I had to side load the app but it works fine. It also updated automatically! I have paired it to my Oppo phone via Bluetooth so that it can access Google maps. A good and cheap alternative. I have sourced two 7" tablets with 64 bit processors. Have opted to buy a Vankyo Matrixpad S7 through Amazon. All up $146. Specs include GPS. Hope to have it by Feb 23. Reviews generally okay so hoping will suit drone monitoring purpose.



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