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Drones in Argentina

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Hello, and query re Argentina

@Martin Eayrs (30.11.19)

Hi, everyone, and thanks for letting me join this forum. I'm from the UK but I'm currently in Argentina with my [UK registered] Mavic Air. I'm trying to register it for recreational use in Argentina at but am unable to complete the form on that page as I am not 'officially' connected with aviation. Any advice on how to do this?

I'm only in Argentina for a few weeks, but  have no real wish to fly an unregistered quad [although several people have told me not to bother registering it as I am a short-term tourist]. I don't know if that is a good idea or whether I might get into serious trouble, seeing as it is for recreational use only.

Any suggestions will be extremely welcome, here or to me by personal email at Thanks.

Martin Eayrs


@Dronemade (3.12.19)

Hey Martin, welcome to Dronemade!

Its great to read your feedback and we really appreciate your appreciation to local rules and respect for Argentinian pilots who had to register their drones.

At what point in the Argentinian registration process are you stuck exactly? Your feedback would help immensely to update the Argentina blog post. Maybe Mo & Daniel can help you a little more being onsite locals? You can reach to them via the member's chat.

Hope this helps a little.


@Martin Eayrs (8.12.19)

Hi. The web page at asks me for info that I am unable to supply. I am neither Argentinian nor do I work in the aviation industry, both of which are assumed on the form. Would be really happy if Mo & Daniel or someone else could look at this page and advise me. Many thanks.


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