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Drones in Rwanda

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Hi, I plan to visit Rwanda as a tourist via Tanzania. I will have my drone with me. I do not intend to fly the drone in Rwanda but just keep it with me and take it back to my home. Can I bring my drone along or will be taken at the airport?

Did you that this small African country is a world leader in drone delivery? 6 years ago, in partnership with Zipline, the country opened its air regulations to allow aerial blood deliveries covering almost 100% of the country's territory and replacing ambulances driving on dirt roads

Drone vs Toy in Rwanda

@Ouriel 25/11/19

Hi, I’m trying to figure out the rules of flying a drone in Rwanda., In fact, there seems to be some unclarity about what are considered as “Toys”. While I understand that one needs to register a drone, the website clearly states that toys don’t need to be registered (it’s in the FAQ section) but fails to specify what exactly falls under the “toy” category (Size, weight, speed...etc). More specifically, I would try and bring a DJI Mavic Mini. Any idea where I could get that info?


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