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Drones in Kenya

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I'm going to Kenya for three months for vacation. I would like to take a drone with me to take some photos and videos as a souvenir. What should I do in this case?

Drone weighs 249 grams (DJI mavic mini 2)

I would like to add that I have passed the A1 and A3 exam (according to Polish law).

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My name is Elisa Serafinelli. I work as a Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield (UK). I am currently working on a research project titled Drones in Visual Culture: Developing a New Theory of Visual Mobile Communication funded by AHRC Research Council. Lauren O'Hagan is working with me on the project.

I am writing this post as we are looking for drone users to take part in this study. Taking part in this study will give participants the opportunity to display their work in a drone visuals exhibition in June 2021 (if they wish).

If you are interested please contact me at

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