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Drones in Jordan

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I travelled to Jordan in March. Before heading to Jordan tried for months to get the necessary approvals. The forms ask you for the normal information about the drone, the type, your insurance, where you intend to fly your drone etc. It also asks for your passport and flight details. I emailed off the forms 3 times and didn’t receive a single reply. What I did get when I arrived in Amman Airport was my luggage was held and I was the only one on the plane who had all of their luggage meticulously searched. I was specifically asked if I had a drone with me. Luckily I didn’t want to take the chance and left the drone at home...but I have no doubt it would have been confiscated at the airport. Best advice is to leave it at home or if you want to take the chance don’t fill out the forms as they will simply trigger a luggage search when you arrive.

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