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Drones in Bolivia

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Hi, I'm flying to Bolivia in October 2023 (Air Europa) I'm planning to bring my mavic 3 pro with me. I'm a certified pilot within the open category A1/A3 in Europe, under EASA, regulations. I also have ensurance and I'm properly registered as an operator/pilote in my country. Is it ok to bring my Drone to Bolivia? Thank you very much.

Ricardo Gomes
10 septembre 2023 · joined the group.

Hey guys, I will soon fly with the airline Boliviana de aviacion. From their website I am not sure if I can bring my drone. Does anyone have experience with them?

11 jul 2023

Hi @Lea Brunthanks for asking us, we sent you an email aside with some further help ;)

Me gusta
8 juillet 2023 · joined the group.

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