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Drones in Australia

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At least NSW has done some work to make it possible to fly recreation drones in parks. A good starting point although a little complicated. Not sure a lot of information requested does anything other than turn drones off and probably take a punt they won't get caught. Remember, this application is probably going to be read by a clerk in the public service with little or no appreciation of the hobby. But it sure beats Parks Victoria's outright ban.

Noel Brettoner
Patrick Steel
16 janv. 2021

It's the same old story. Throw up a barrier and most people won't bother. Also, it makes it look as though they are doing something to regulate drones and covering their backsides if something happens. A lot of people won't take any notice, or takeoff/land 1 metre outside the park. That's what many do in Vic.

It would be interesting to type in random Lat/long numbers and see if anyone actually notices.


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